Hip hop with Niki

23.9.2022 @ 18:00 – 19:30
Tikkurilantie 36
01300 Vantaa
Hip hop with Niki @ Vernissasali | Vantaa | Suomi

Hip hop workshop with the amazing Niki!

WHEN: Friday 23.9. 18.00-19.30ish

WHERE: Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa

PRICE: 25e until 16.9. (30e after that)

SIGN UP: https://holvi.com/…/produ…/aa37f3e55b921a1904c0aedf5e88769b/


The class will focus on Hip Hop foundations and Freestyle.

Practical tools will be shared through a flowy warm up and technical exercises, all to get a greater understanding of Hip hop dance as well as the personal bodys movement abilities.

The second part of the class will be dedicated to the free expression of freestyle where we’ll focus on the connection with our personal flow and expression.


Niki found dance at a very young age and has been dedicating her life to it ever since. She is a fan of genuine expressions and finds inspiration and grounds within the hip hop culture and her world wide travels.

Niki is a well known figure in the international dance scene, she is constantly traveling across the globe to share her unique expression and exchange with others. She finds her ground within the Hip Hop community and loves the art of freestyle. To her it’s a way to tap into the unique language of the soul and connect with the present moment. Therefore she has based most of her dance practices around that and developed exercises and philosophies that she shares around the world through workshops, lectures, battles.

She has received several awards, grants and prizes throughout her dance life such as Juste Debout Hip Hop Finals -Paris, WDC Hip Hop Japan, The Gannevik Grant, 2 Guldbaggar for the documentary Martha & Niki that follows their dance journey to mention a few.

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