Funkbeque Feast Jam

9.7.2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00
Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa
Tikkurilantie 36
01300 Vantaa
Funkbeque Feast Jam @ Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa | Vantaa | Suomi

SADE.ry in co-operation with KULTTUURITEHDAS VERNISSA proudly presents:

It’s time. No jams, friendship or contact for years and years to come. But worry not, the change is here and ”oh it’s so glorious.” as Funkbeque Grill gods would say.
We gonna have some of that jam. Including sazzy dancing and enjoying the air outside in a form of body movement.
We gonna have some of that funk. In a form of our DJ:s who are playing all the different forms of funk, sweat and stank.
We gonna have some of that BBQ. Grill your nasty while you be hearing the sounds, seeing the moves and feeling them hecking vibes.
Your body is a temple for the Funkbeque gods to inhabit so come and express it to the whole wide world.
In case of an enraged weather god we are gonna have the jam inside Vernissa.

We are also gonna have to be aware of the corona situation and we are going to follow the procedures that are according to recommendations in 9.7 but here some overarching obvious rules to keep in mind.
– Keep safe distances
– Don’t come sick
– Keep to small groups if possible
We will update the rules upon knowing what is the situation with corona. If it goes bad we of course will cancel the event.

Next to Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa (outside)

Vesa the Vice
DJ Kifle

It’s an outdoor jam with funk music and bbq. If it rains we gonna be inside without the grilling but double the dancing.

SADE ry is always aiming to produce events that follow safer space policies. We hope that you accept and give space for everyone to participate in the event as they are. We kindly ask you to not make assumptions on anyone’s background, gender, sexuality, identity etc. All kinds of harrasment, discrimination and breaking ones boundaries leads to said harassers removal from the area. Were you to experience any harm you can report it to our security officers, dj’s or a set person in charge of handling such situations, we will inform that person to you later.
We also recommend you to read through a more comprehensive safer space policies to refresh your memory prior to coming to the event.

Event venue itself easily accessible for everyone. There is some uphills and downhills to the venue but the distance from the train station is 5min/10min walk. There is a gap at the Tikkurila train station when coming out of the train.

Jamit, jossa soi funk, grillissä soi makkarat ja toivottavasti sääjumalat soittaa lyyralla auringon taivaalle. Huonon sään sattuessa jamit jatkuu sisällä.

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